August 17, 2007

Jenna Bush Engaged!

Jenna Bush, 25, and Henry Hager, 29, got engaged yesterday in Maine.

August 16, 2007

Kristin Gore - Smokin Hot in Cosmo

Kristin Gore is featured in the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine (September 2007) looking smokin' hot in a mini skirt and Stuart Weitzman pumps. The girl has legs to die for!. If you look closely at her photo, you'll see that she's holding a copy of her latest book,"Sammy's House," which is a definite polichick lit must-read. Kristin happens to be the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore.

August 15, 2007

Harold Ford and Jessica Alba - Part 3


Harold Ford's got a girl whose hotter than Obama Girl and Giuliani Girl combined: Jessica Alba. Jessica scored herself a hot Cosmo cover this month (September 2007 issue) on which she wears fuschia barely there dress and shows some thigh. She say's in her interview that she has a thing for "nerdy guys," so now we see what she sees in him.

Barack Says He's No Hillary

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the 2006 NAACP Convention (AP)

There's a short Obama interview in today's Washington Post in which Obama emphasizes the differences between himself and Clinton. Read it here.

July 25, 2007

Harold Ford and Jessica Alba - Part 2

Could Harold be calling Jessica?

Just weeks after actress Jesica Alba confessed that she has a crush on former Tennessee congressman and shoulda-been-senator Harold Ford Jr., she and her boyfriend of two years, Cash Warren, have split. Word is that Jessica dumped Cash over the phone, and then sent her assistants to their home to get his stuff out. Harold, did you have anything to do with this?

May 30, 2007

Jessica Alba Says, "Harold, Call Me."

jessica_alba_gq_magazine_12_big.jpg Jessica Alba

In the latest issue of InStyle Magazine (June 2007), actress Jessica Alba says she has a crush on former Tennessee congressman and shoulda-been-senator Harold Ford, Jr. "He is so cute; he's adorable and he's single," Jessica told InStyle. "I went to one of his fund-raisers." Ford usually likes to keep his private life private, but you know he told all his boys about this one.